Who’s the Clown, Joe?

exageratedAs I recall, the saying goes something along the lines, “no matter how bad figures are, you can always pretend they look better,” and Joe Hockey has certainly done that with the latest GDP numbers released on Wednesday.

The March quarter growth rate was 0.9% with the year to date, March 2015 result coming in at 2.3%. Both figures are below those needed to bring unemployment down, yet what does Joe say? “These numbers have proven that there are some clowns out there that are talking about recession and dark clouds on the horizon.”

I guess I’m one of those clowns based on my assessment last Monday. Joe went on to admonish we clowns further by saying, “They have been proven to be looking foolish, those people, and we should be focusing on what is before us which is raw data that says the Australian economy is, in the last quarter, one of the fastest growing economies in the developed world. How good is that?”

Read more at: The Australian Independent Media Network

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