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A Tenure without Substance

boats“Daesh is coming, if it can, for every person and for every government with a simple message: submit or die.”

In his recent oratorical delivery, the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott seemed determined to adopt a siege mentality on the issue of terrorism. Legislation on the cancellation of citizenship of those who fight for ISIS in Syria and Iraq is immanent.

At the same time, Attorney-General George Brandis is giving us notice of upcomingcounter-terrorism legislation to extend the use of control orders. By these and other measures the government seems intent on ramping up the threat level to ensure it stays firmly in the forefront of our minds.

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Abbott’s Leadership back on the Agenda

vanstoneAmanda Vanstone, in her column in The Age today, gives us an inkling of not just a divided cabinet, but one where the knives are out for someone and that someone is probably Tony Abbott.

The now infamous cabinet leak on citizenship that has captivated everyone in the media and given the average person in the street some insight into the goings on in cabinet, will also stand, I suspect, as the first salvo, in a renewed attempt to dump Abbott.

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