Is Q&A losing it?

audience15If last week’s Q&A panellist Grace Collier is simplistic enough to think the unemployment problem would be solved by those looking for work simply starting their own businesses, why was she on the program in the first place?


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One thought on “Is Q&A losing it?

  1. John, I thinks its called conforming! As you are very aware, the ideology of neo-Liberalism/Conservatism is an intolerance to criticism! The ABC being the most trusted form of impartiality, by the majority of Australian, reporting and being critical of the Abbott/Turnbull regimes, has copped a shellacking by the Australian Liberal Party, along with they’re compatriots – the Murdoch Press, and hardliners like Bolt!
    No unfortunately, its become apparent that the ‘new’ management of the ABC have become conformal to the politician’s that hold and control they’re budget!
    In an essence the ABC has conformed to neo-Liberal/Conservative politics 😦


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