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Ten Questions for Cory Bernardi and Penny Wong

Food for reflection

The Red Window

cory pennyYesterday, along with many others I watched the much anticipated marriage equality debate between Cory Bernardi and Penny Wong.  I found some of the questions from the press gallery quite predictable. I felt the questions did not really challenge what marriage equality may mean for us as we progress as a nation. I have put together ten questions I would have liked to have asked Cory Bernardi and Penny Wong.   

Cory Bernardi and Penny Wong Same-Sex Marriage Debate ABC TV 29 July 2015

Question 1 – Twelve Year Olds
Many young people dream of their wedding.  Even at twelve years old I dreamt of my wedding and would often gaze at a good looking boy in my class and wonder if it would be him.  If marriage equality becomes the norm, how will the world change for all twelve year olds?

Question 2 – Is it time to really scrutinise marriage?
Marriage as currently defined, has no…

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Shorten joins Abbott on the Dark Side

shorten abblttThere was a certain politeness about Waleed Aly’s critique of our political system in his article this week, “Politics: the ugly game where the melee rules”. It was a politeness that the system, and those who exploit it, don’t deserve.

The historian and moralist, Lord Acton (1834-1902) is given the credit for the much quoted, “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

I find this a more appropriate reference than Waleed’s allusion to the AFL and ARL melee. Yes, football teams have a governing body to regulate imbalances in the game and keep it interesting for the followers. Politics doesn’t, unless the regulator is we the people, who only get to pass judgement once every three years.

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Our Economy no longer the envy of the World

interestJust in case anyone hasn’t noticed, our economy, the former darling of the OECD, is fast becoming a basket case. We are now far from the post-GFC days (2008-2013) when we were the envy of the 34 member OECD world. Back then we avoided a recession because our then Labor government acted quickly and prudently to stimulate the economy.

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Austerity doesn’t work. The lesson from Greece is clear.

GreeceIf the Australian Government, the Opposition, the MSM and the common people cannot learn from events now playing out across Europe and the USA, namely that money itself is worthless, that it is only a means to an end, then our lives and those of our children will not improve.

We need to understand that our responsibilities are to ourselves, not to later generations. What we do here, today, to improve our way of life, will determine the foundations upon which the next generation will build a future for their lives, in their time. We will be judged by them on what we do, not on what we don’t do.

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Mortgage Stress: Armageddon in waiting

house 2There’s no easy way to say this. Right now, the government’s economic policy is on a collision course with ballooning private debt and a meltdown is hurtling toward us as certain as night follows day.

To use a popular metaphor, as things stand, the frog is well and truly in the saucepan, the hotplate is on full, the water is getting uncomfortably warmer and the frog still hasn’t realised he is in deep trouble.

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Who do you Trust?

indexAt a time when deceitfulness by this government is being advanced to an art form, telling the truth has become a radical act. There certainly won’t be much by way of truth coming from the conservative side of politics in any upcoming election campaign.

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