Post Budget Reflections

It remains to be seen if the government’s blatant abuse of its election promises will impact against it in the same way Julia Gillard’s perceived broken promise did with a carbon tax. It will largely depend on the Senate. The so-called ‘horse trading’ Abbott has hinted at, will determine what items get passed and what don’t.

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Budget 2 I suspect that well before Joe Hockey brought down his government’s first budget there was an air of resignation among certain Coalition MP’s that their seat in Parliament was at serious risk; albeit just eight months after winning office. If those in the most marginal electorates had their concerns before this, the budget has cemented those concerns for at least a dozen or so. I cannot recall a government losing favour with the people so soon. But when one analyses the budget and juxtapositions its content with conservative ideology, it isn’t hard to see how that ideology dominates the overall detail.

What struck me about Joe Hockey’s budget speech was the absence of the human element. He didn’t seem to understand that he was speaking to millions of people who would suffer as a consequence of his decisions. He didn’t seem to be aware that this same audience were also…

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