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Is Clive Palmer the de facto Prime Minister?

It’s an odd sounding question but not without foundation. Clive Palmer’s bombshell press conference with Al Gore where he announced his party’s voting intentions in the Senate on Wednesday June 25th gave a pretty clear indication that he was calling the shots on the repeal, or otherwise, of the carbon tax. And, one must say that he delivered the news in an almost prime ministerial-like manner.dinosaur


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The Ridiculous Debt and Deficit Scam

I am not pretending to be an economist. But I am smart enough to see the difference between the government’s management of the economy and the RBAway it should be managed. If what I write is true, and naturally I believe it is, we as a nation are being deceived in a way that, I think, is unconscionable.

First published on the Australian Independent Media Network

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Hockey’s Class Warfare

Budget 2When a politician defends his/her position by drawing attention to social classes, you can be forgiven for thinking his/her original argument wasn’t that strong to begin with. Joe Hockey is on the ropes desperately trying to defend the indefensible.

First published on The Australian Independent Media Network

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Do Taxes Fund spending?

moneyI’m stepping way outside my comfort zone here and inviting a discussion that I think we need to have. It is about money. If the article reproduced below is an accurate reflection of how debt and deficit work, then we need to talk about it instead of playing the mindless games we play at the moment in respect of taxes, spending and the supply of money in general. It is completely new to me and puts me on a learning curve. There are many similar articles available online under various headings, such as, High Powered Money, Monetary Base and others but the one below was, for me, the easiest to understand.



Original article first published at The Australian Independent Media Network

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Leadership Speculation: Don’t you just love it?

TurnbullOn current polling numbers, the Liberals could not possibly let Abbott take them to the next election. Turnbull is the only choice no matter how much they hate him. And my guess is at least half of them do. Any thoughts that Hockey, Hunt, Bishop, Cormann, Andrews or Dutton could step up and do the job is laughable; Warren Truss would be a better choice. But they have to do something or go down in a crumbling heap in 2016. Thus far, Abbott ‘s performance is making Gillard and Rudd look positively statesman-like. So with everything they touch suddenly going pear-shaped, how does one explain their so called friends, Bolt and Jones instigating a very public stoush with Malcolm Turnbull.

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What a Circus!

Why is therabbott flyinge a sense of foreboding whenever Tony Abbott travels overseas? Probably because one’s immediate reaction is, “Oh God, in what way will he embarrass us this time.” I can’t help thinking that as they watched John Oliver’s parody of Abbott on his weekly satirical, “Last Week Tonight” show, members of the American press were of a similar mind about his planned visit there next week. Abbott’s poor media presence, his stilted speech, his fake laugh are grist for the mill to a press corp. aware of his tendency to say something incredibly stupid. My fervent wish would be that they ignore him and give us all a break from the cringing and squirming we will have to endure as we sit on our sofas, in front of our TV sets and follow his movements across the Northern Hemisphere. The planned meeting with US President Barack Obama will, no doubt, be particularly painful to watch. One can only hope that Obama will take pity and shield him from the US press or at least spring to his aid when Abbott inevitably sticks his foot in his mouth.

Originally published on The Australian Independent Media Network

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