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John KellyJohn Kelly is 73, retired and the author of four novels: Satan’s Little Helpers, Andrea’s Secret, Saints and Relics, and most recently, Hiroshima Sunset. His memoir , An Accidental Atheist, is also now available. He is married with two children and three grand-children.  John holds a Bachelor of Communication degree majoring in Journalism, Media Relations and Screen Studies from Griffith University in Australia. He relishes speaking out on issues that effect the direction humanity is taking, doesn’t mind supporting lost causes, and has more recently become a regular contributor to The Australian Independent Media Network at:

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  1. Ali Green
    May 17 2012

    How are you going John?! LOVE the view from your garden – magnificent! I’m strugling along through Media Law – O. M. G. A bit different to the PR subject we shared a couple of SPs ago…. Anyway… hope all is well in your world…

  2. Robin Spencer
    Apr 25 2016

    The Choice is Ours, John.


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