An open letter to members of the Parliamentary Labor party

To all parliamentary members,

As a member of the Labor party, I am pleading with you, the federal parliamentary members, to stop what you are doing for a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want to be the next government?

Do you want to win the next election?     

Two simple questions, both of which should evoke a resounding, YES response. If they don’t, you should not be there.

One more question :

Are you willing to do what is necessary to achieve an election victory?

If the answer is NOT YES, then for Christ’s sake, get out of the way!

This brings me to the matter of what you need to do to WIN the next election. At the moment you look like a dull grey train crawling along a disused track somewhere, with a driver, who might be a really nice guy, but who gives the impression of having no idea where the train is heading. You need a new driver!

You need someone who will electrify the party, the media and the public. Not one of your faction ridden hacks, or some compromise candidate who has all the charisma of a turtle crawling toward the safety of the sea.

The reality you need to face up to, is that there is not a man among you who can win the next election, be it held this year, or next. There is not a man among you who can electrify the public consciousness to a point where sufficient numbers will change their minds and vote for you.

There is not a man among you who can win seats in Queensland and hold on to seats in the rest of the country. Face up to it! You are destined for another three years and beyond if you don’t wake up to yourselves and do what is necessary TO WIN!

You may be under the mistaken impression that people vote on policies and promises. They don’t! They vote on what they think will be better for them. There’s a difference. They can be persuaded not to believe you on policies; they can be persuaded by lies to distrust your intentions.

And we saw how well that worked against you in 2019. So what do you need to do to WIN?

It is no longer a question of finding the best candidate to lead the party. That ship has sailed. You need to find the candidate who can WIN!

There is only one member of the parliamentary party who can win the next election and send Scott Morrison packing.

That person is Tanya Plibersek. And before you roll your eyes and think, ‘oh god, not a woman,’ or ‘she doesn’t want it, ‘ get up off your comfortable office chairs and face reality.

Tanya Plibersek is not your best choice. She is your ONLY CHOICE.

Apart from electrifying the party, she will light up the imagination of the broader electorate. Remember this: people also vote on who they think will be the better prime minister. It’s not hard to see how she would stack up against Scott Morrison in that category.

The people are tired of Scott Morrison. His failures to deliver on a range of promises, are now legendary. They WANT to see him gone. But when they look to the alternative, they are sufficiently unimpressed to bother doing anything about it.

Anthony Albanese is the Bill Hayden of today. He is a nice guy, but he is not prime minister material.

You have an opportunity right now to get your act together and be proactive in the one crucial area that will put you in a winning position. But, if you allow your factional interests to exceed your good judgement, be prepared to spend the foreseeable future on the opposition benches.

It’s your call. Someone needs to tap Albo on the shoulder and you need to replace him with Tanya, who will become the leader and the next prime minister of Australia. No messy contest, either. Just a seamless transition, just as it was done when Bob Hawke replaced Bill Hayden.

It’s your call.

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