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Disunity is death and the Liberals have it in Buckets

disuniFrom memory John Howard was the first to say, Disunity is death” when referring to political parties, although just about everyone in politics says it now. And, as it happens, the Liberals have buckets of it.

If you read Mike Seccombe’s column in the The Saturday Paper this week you will get some idea of what is going on behind the scenes inside the Liberal Party and none of it is good news for Malcolm Turnbull.


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The gift that keeps on giving.


The media is in a spin over all this chatter about the possibility that former PM Tony Abbott might make another run for the top job.

Abbott has announced that he will re-contest pre-selection for the safe seat of Warringah.

Meanwhile he is off to speak to the Alliance Defending Freedom in the US where he will be among like-minded souls. They want to return the world to the Christendom of the Dark Ages.


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