Abbott, the Great Battologist

battologyReading Barry Cassidy’s article in ‘The Drum’ this week, I learnt a new word: Battologist, which means ‘wearisome repetition of words in speaking or writing’. Perhaps there are many of you out there who knew of this word but, unlike Cassidy,never thought to apply it to our prime minister, Tony Abbott. Or perhaps you did, but never told me.

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3 thoughts on “Abbott, the Great Battologist

  1. Never heard of the word, but when it comes to Abbott, I love it. Seems the cabinet meeting was a beauty. Pyne refused to back down. Main defiant ones were Turnbull and Brandis, and of course Pyne.

    Funny then Pyne had family emergency today, missed question time. Seems next weeks cabinet meeting has been cancelled, No business.

    Was it Abbott that read the riot act, or did his ministers.

    How many weeks this sitting. Will he survive,

    Yes, always fighting our Tony. The family finds it a bit of a worry. Have no idea how to handle him. Don’t know what to do next.

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