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Should the Senate Block Supply?

moneyThere is no previous example by which we can compare how bad this government is. They have set a new standard for all future administrations on incompetence, ineptitude, policy failure and public relations. They are the new benchmark.

Should the senate consider blocking supply and forcing a new election? Labor has previously said they would never do this. Yet they, more than anyone, hold the high moral ground on this issue. The treatment of the Whitlam government was a travesty of moral justice in 1975.

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Has privatisation passed its use-by date?

the conWhether it has been noticed or not, that election result coupled with the recent elections in Victoria and Greece share a common denominator that may have far reaching ramifications for future governments all over the OECD world.

When politicians look at publicly owned assets, all they see is a pile of money sitting there waiting to be collected. They think if that pile of money can be realised without effecting the service it performs, then why not sell it and spend the money on something that will make them look good.

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