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Backbench Revolt Looming

backbench2The Abbott bleed has seeped and spread out across the floor along the corridors and into the offices of the collaterally damaged marginal seat holders. Twelve months ago, they thought they had at least a six year tenure in the bag. Everywhere in Liberal Town the anguished cries of despair are now so loud, passers-by are rushing to and fro wondering how contagious is death-by-despair.

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How to sell the Economy

shorten plibBeyond all the programs and policies it takes to the next election, Labor’s biggest challenge will be selling its economic credentials. While their record in health, education and foreign affairs is admirable, future policies will always be threatened when the media and the Coalition ask the question: How will you pay for it?

Labor’s record of managing the economy from 2007 to 2013 was much better than most people think and they have every reason to be proud of what they achieved, particularly when the GFC is factored into that assessment. Their weakness, however, is public perception. For some inexplicable reason, the Coalition have been able to convince many that Labor were economic vandals.

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More Pythonesque than John Cleese

leyIf ever the new Minister for Health looked like the sacrificial offering to a media that would have much preferred to grill Peter Dutton, Sussan Ley was it. Yet Dutton, who quietly introduced this back door decision by regulation just two days before Christmas, was nowhere to be seen.

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Plutocrats and Pitchforks

pitchforksThe word ‘revolution’ has throughout history been synonymous with the cry for equality and social change. The French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Cuban Revolution of 1959 to name a few, all began because the divide between the haves and the have nots became intolerable. In the examples above, social inequality was at historically high levels and getting worse by the day. Something had to happen and it did, much of it violent and bloody.

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Shock Jock Blitz

mitchellWill the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott produce his RN (Renunciation Form) to confirm that he has renounced his British citizenship?

The question still has not been answered.

The social media campaign that began with Tony Magrathea nearly 12 months ago, citing Sections 44 and 46 of the Australian Constitution will not go away. But, given the obstinacy of the Prime Minister in failing to respond, one would think it is time the protagonists cranked up the campaign and shifted into another gear.

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Cormann was once a little Focker

H&CThere was an article in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age today with the heading, “Govt to tackle head on claims it is unfair and say borrowing against our kids is the most unfair act of all”, by Latika Bourke.

Whoever came up with that headline needs fatigue counselling, but putting that to one side, it is the content that, if accurate, displays an incompetence within the ranks of government thinking, which is simply mind-boggling.

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What will Labor Inherit in 2016?

joe-hockey$1 billion dollars a week. That is what the LNP have been “borrowing” every week since they were elected in September 2013. At this rate, by September 2016 they will have “borrowed” in excess of $150 billion taking the national “debt” from $284 billion to $434 billion plus.

There’s a reason why the words, ‘borrowing’ and ‘debt’ are in inverted comas above. In reality, it isn’t debt at all and it is not borrowing and I can only guess how much Joe Hockey would like to say that publicly. In reality, it is the total amount of Commonwealth Government Securities on issue that have been purchased by various institutions and individuals, in Australian dollars, held here and around the world.

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