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The less they know the better

Another article by Kaye Lee which defies belief.

abbott3The Age of Entitlement may be over for pensioners, students, sick people and the unemployed, but it is alive and well for our fearless leader.

Aside from his salary of $507,338 a year, Tony Abbott has claimed$628,736.33 in expenses for the first 6 months of this year.

In April Tony travelled to Japan, the Republic of Korea and China.  The trip, which lasted from April 5 to April 14 cost us $219,857.04 with the following breakdown.

Read the rest of this extraordinary report at: The Australian Independent Media Network


2015, Abbott’s ‘Annus Horribilus’


God’s gift to Labor

Abbott’s suggestion that sexism was behind criticism of Credlin was a strange way to hit back at those who were voicing concern. Firstly, he was putting the conflict out into the public arena; something Labor avoided. And secondly, in his own inimitable, blundering style, he chose a less than professional way to do it. Making Credlin the focus of the issue was a mistake.

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