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What a bunch of Amateurs.

These lying, deceitful cretins who supposedly had the answers to all our problems are now asking members of the former government who saved us from the GFC to come on board as partners in ‘Team Australia’?

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Yes…We are better than this!

MorrisonWhen the full extent of the cruelty towards these children emerges, as one day it surely will, it won’t be acceptable that we say we didn’t know. We do know and we are better than this.

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Stop the deception and tell the Truth.

debtThe number of times I read and hear comments from people along the lines, “Labor left us with a humongous debt and now the Liberals have to clean up the mess,” is extraordinary, but more importantly, utterly ignorant of the truth. Can we really be that stupid? Yes we can. Yes we are.

When I explain to them the ‘debt’ they are referring to, is actually the ongoing issuance of Commonwealth Government Bonds, Indexed Treasury Bonds and Short Term Treasury Notes, they look at me dumbfounded.


Played and conned.

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It’s Time for Abbott to Step Down

The thought of having to endure another two years watching Abbott stumble from one gaffe to another while continuing to be prime minister, is asking too much. We deserve better. Whatever misgivings people may have had about Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard, surely those misgivings must pale into insignificance when placed alongside the recurring examples of ineptitude displayed by this man.

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Take your coal and shove it

newmanWhilst Abbott, Hunt, Palmer and Newman regale us with their humanitarian effort to lift India out of poverty by selling them coal, the Indians recognise ill-informed self-serving greed when they see it. Far from embracing our honourable colonial behaviour associated with high risk, they view us as ignorant corporate lapdogs, and can you blame them.

A revealing article by Kaye Lee

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How Long can Hockey Survive?

Budget 2One thing is for sure. The Treasurer owns the budget no matter who else contributed and Joe Hockey will own this one for years to come just like John Howard owned the 1982 budget that preceded Malcolm Fraser’s defeat in 1983.

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