Terror alert or political stunt?

downloadUpgrading security at major sporting events such as the AFL Grand Final and similar events is a ‘no brainer’ in a post 9/11 world. But this has been evident at previous Grand Finals, the Australian Open Tennis Championship, and the Melbourne Cup and, I am sure, at other major interstate events.

So why would you suddenly and very dramatically advertise it now?

The Australian Independent Media Network

Read more at: http://theaimn.com/terror-alert-political-stunt/

2 thoughts on “Terror alert or political stunt?

  1. Good politics probably and Arthur Sinodinos is well down the list now, as he should be. Meanwhile, how
    do you stop people being able to leave the country to fight elsewhere – and then come back and enjoy
    peace but paradoxically not want it? I don’t get it.

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