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Honesty…what’s that?

If the GFC taught us anything, it is that the neo-liberal economic ideology is seriously flawed. But try telling that to a government surrounded by neo-liberals.

Kaye Lee analyses the depth of budget honesty (or lack of it).

Coalition errors

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Is there really such a thing as national debt?

In a recent article by Warwick Smith in The Guardian, a group of economists refuted three of the government’s claims, namely that there was a budget emergency, that there was a debt crisis and that the carbon tax was an economic wrecking

Knowing how difficult it is to get economists to agree on anything, this seemed like quite a coup and reading it only served to remind me of some of the government’s ‘over the top’, exaggerated and often inaccurate outbursts from various ministers in their feverish attempts to scare us into thinking we have a problem with the economy.


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Prime Minister, Why haven’t you called Putin?

Putin 2Tony Abbott you are weak. When interviewed by Fran Kelly on ‘Insiders’ this morning you were asked if you had called Vladimir Putin. You said you hadn’t called the Russian President over the murder of at least 28 Australians. You gave no indication that you intended to. Why not? Are you too frightened? You say you have spoken to the Russian Trade Minister. Really? What a pathetic reply to a genuine opportunity to show the world that you view the deaths of innocent Australians sufficiently important enough to get on the phone and demand answers. You are clearly not up to the job you have been elected to do.


First published on: The Australian Independent Media Network.

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The Ugly Australians

When the real stories begin to emerge from Sri Lanka, as they no doubt will, can we  hope the collective conscience of the nation will be sufficiently stirred from its disgraceful ambivalence? I suspect not.smugglers

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The Ugly Australians


This Reprehensible Rabble

dinosaurIf the Coalition think for one moment that they can put one over Clive Palmer, they are deluding themselves. But, given Abbott’s penchant for verbal dishonesty they will probably keep trying and in the process, expose themselves for the utterly reprehensible rabble that they are.

First published at: The Australian Independent Media Network

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