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June 7, 2014

Leadership Speculation: Don’t you just love it?

by John Kelly

TurnbullOn current polling numbers, the Liberals could not possibly let Abbott take them to the next election. Turnbull is the only choice no matter how much they hate him. And my guess is at least half of them do. Any thoughts that Hockey, Hunt, Bishop, Cormann, Andrews or Dutton could step up and do the job is laughable; Warren Truss would be a better choice. But they have to do something or go down in a crumbling heap in 2016. Thus far, Abbott ‘s performance is making Gillard and Rudd look positively statesman-like. So with everything they touch suddenly going pear-shaped, how does one explain their so called friends, Bolt and Jones instigating a very public stoush with Malcolm Turnbull.

Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network

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