This Photo says it all

No plan, no vision….nothing!

The Australian Independent Media Network

I couldnt resist this. There is no article here; there doesnt need to be. This photoA picture is better than a thousand words. It is Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Barnaby Joyce in conference. What are they conferring about? It doesnt really matter. They have no plan, no vision and this picture reveals that all too clearly. The photo is by Andrew Meares of The Age.

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2 Responses to “This Photo says it all”

  1. Carol Says:

    Well……it is hard to know what they are saying, planning, you are being a bit harsh on the three guys that are interesting to listen to, especially Barnaby, although he has been reigned in of late.

  2. John Kelly Says:

    Hmm, let me think. Barnaby interesting…hmmmm. Joe, maybe. The other fellow, well we should encourage him. Every time he opens his mouth, The Greens vote goes up.

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