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Where is the outrage when the media lie?

The notion of ‘The Right’ being concerned with deaths at sea only began during Rudd’s first term. Prior to that it was only, ‘stop them.’

The Australian Independent Media Network

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As I’m not a subscriber to The Australian I’m rather fortunate that their paywall obstructs me from reading their daily diatribes. As was the case with a recent article by Janet Albrechtsen; ‘Compassion junkies back on their choice fix‘ – which unless you are a subscriber to Rupert Murdoch’s masthead you will also be blocked from enjoying this fine example of journalist integrity. I’m encouraged to assume it’s an absolutely factual article and one of utmost importance because Andrew Bolt refers to it in his sensationally named piece; ‘ The Left prefers to kill 1100 with compassion‘. And Andrew has kindly quoted from the article, giving me a glimpse of what was previously hidden from all but that small number of Australians who care to bother what people like Ms Albrechtsen write.

Quoting Albrechtsen, Bolt wrote:

Start with the rank hypocrisy of…

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Hockey’s Unhappy Dilemma

When the national accounts figures were released last week and they showed surprisingly good results for the December quarter, you would have thought Joe would be thrilled. But he wasn’t.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Hock Has anyone noticed a change in Joe Hockey’s approach to the economy? It seems we are not in a budget emergency after all. It seems the latest national accounts figures suggest things are on the improve.

The latest national accounts figures show a growing economy; 0.8% for the December quarter. That’s a much better result than the September quarter’s 0.6%. The Treasurer says it is still below trend of 3-3.25% per annum but he was being cautious. Considering all the doom and gloom he was predicting prior to the election one would expect him to be guarded in what he said but, given this unexpected upturn, he must find the latest figures something of a dilemma. He should be over the moon but he knows he can’t take any credit for them because he hasn’t done anything yet. They belong to Labor. And, if you multiply December’s 0.8% by 4…

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Qantas: How bizarre can this get?

Apparently, the Prime Minister was not aware of either the surcharge or the ACCC’s intention to monitor its removal. If he did, he would not be saying that the carbon tax was ‘a drag on Qantas that it does not need,’ because clearly it isn’t.

The Australian Independent Media Network

qantas If you haven’t been paying close attention to the goings on at Qantas over the past week, give yourself a tick. I’m still trying to get my head around it and it’s making me nauseous. Let me see if I’ve got this right.

On the Qantas website it says, “When the carbon price was introduced, Qantas added a small surcharge to domestic fares to reflect the impact on our cost base and attempt to recover some of that cost. Since 1 July 2012, this cost recovery has been unsustainable due to the challenging conditions in the Australian aviation industry.”

So Qantas says it has recovered the cost of the carbon tax by placing a surcharge on domestic flights since 1 July 2012. However, it also says recovering that surcharge has been unsustainable because of fierce competition. But, correct me if I’m wrong, the surcharge hasn’t been removed; it is still…

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What Unbelievable Cruelty

If we can stop the boats and save a life that is a good thing, but if the original intention was simply to stop them coming because it was considered a vote winner, that is inexcusable. So, what will it take for this brutality to be a vote loser?

The Australian Independent Media Network

David MarrAuthor and journalist David Marr made an interesting observation on the ABC’s Insiders program last Sunday. He suggested Australians might be willing to countenance the unbelievable cruelty being exacted upon asylum seekers at Manus Island and Nauru if they thought it was a one-off effort that would bring an end to the boat people risking their lives to come to Australia. David concluded, however, that if this was what people thought, it was a false expectation. He was certain that the boat people would not stop coming, not now, not ever; and he is right.

If Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison think news of unbelievable cruelty at Manus Island and Nauru detention centres will filter through to those who are seeking to find another country to live will succeed, they are wrong. Why? Because always there will be other ways for people smugglers to continue their trade and adapt to…

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This Photo says it all

No plan, no vision….nothing!

The Australian Independent Media Network

I couldnt resist this. There is no article here; there doesnt need to be. This photoA picture is better than a thousand words. It is Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Barnaby Joyce in conference. What are they conferring about? It doesnt really matter. They have no plan, no vision and this picture reveals that all too clearly. The photo is by Andrew Meares of The Age.

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School Principals in Revolt

When one considers the decisions made by this government and the previous two governments on the treatment of asylum seekers, we are entitled to ask if those decisions are a reflection of the Christian religious education they received and which they continue to practice.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Joe Kelly1One interesting characteristic of an undersea earthquake or a tsunami is that, for the most part, it is silent until it reaches land. Using that as an analogy one could say an undersea earthquake has erupted within the ranks of Victorian school principals and their school councils and has reached land. Its objective: to end the practice of religious education programs in their schools. This earthquake arrived last week when a courageous school principal, Joe Kelly from Cranbourne Primary School, went public on the nature of Christian Religious Education (CRE), being provided by Access Ministries, the organisation providing the service to public schools in Victoria. Mr Kelly’s concerns were the subject of an article by Konrad Marshall in The Age newspaper on 17th February.

Mr Kelly stated that he would no longer allow Access Ministries in his school. “It is not education,” he said. “It has no value whatsoever. It…

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