A Clever Strategy

To understand what is going on here, we need to consider an interesting theory, namely that the Liberal Party exists primarily to perpetuate its own existence. Add your thoughts here… (optional)

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AndrewsIt’s a familiar story. Every time a Liberal government is voted into office we hear the same old mantra about cracking down on welfare fraud. They do it every time; not because they think there is widespread fraud happening, but because history has shown it’s something that will create a particular reaction within a certain sub-set of voters. In addition to that, they are also planning an expanded ‘work for the dole’ program and have begun seeking support for re-establishing the Australian Building and Construction Commission amid claims of bribery and corruption in the construction industry. It’s a clever strategy. These platforms have, in the past, proven to be a popular area for conservative governments to exploit. Labor, on the other hand, who have always been serious about welfare fraud, unemployment benefits and corruption and have the record to prove it, prefer to just get on with policing it and…

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One thought on “A Clever Strategy

  1. I forgot who said it originally the liberal party exists solely to keep the ALP out of office.
    To this I have added and to keep their mates snouts in the trough.I rest my caseI feel that I have been transported back to the 90,s. Tony Abbott only exists to bring John Howard back to life

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