A Dangerous Game

Fear of boat people has a foundation…but the foundation is false. The underbelly of the fear isn’t real; it has no authenticity. When minorities are seen to be threatening, that creates fear. And when they are highly visible, then the fear is exponential.

The Australian Independent Media Network

navyHistorically, regional conflicts start as a reaction to a perceived threat. They are usually accidental and result from misunderstandings that develop and escalate between two forces mobilised and facing off against each other, each believing they have a responsibility to protect their national interests. In most cases common sense applies and the commanders of each force will sort out their differences and at the end of the day, each will go their separate ways, with neither having to lose face. But, occasionally things do get out of hand.

There are occasions where inexperienced commanders find themselves in unexpected situations and need to seek advice from their Command Base. In the process, the exact details of the situation can be overstated, understated or misunderstood which can lead to vital information being transmitted incorrectly. This incorrect information is then relayed to another higher authority, usually a government official, where the original detail…

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