This Basket Case of Coalition Blunders

The Coalition’s past blustering is coming back to bite them and Labor should be diligently preparing to launch a counter attack and make sure they give back at least as much as they got. They owe Wayne Swan that much and it’s not as if they will be short of ammunition.

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 Coalition errors

How refreshing it was to see Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten come out on the front foot as he did this week. But his belief that Prime Minister, Tony Abbott will be a ‘oncer’ is not going to happen automatically. I can’t remember a Party or an Opposition Leader being given a better rebuilding opportunity following an election loss than Labor and Bill Shorten. But clawing back 22 seats in 2016 is an enormous task and will require not just huge internal discipline, but sound policies and skilled media management as well.

Shorten has unsurprisingly expressed his amazement at how Tony Abbott has squandered his political capital in so short a time frame. This has happened because neither Abbott nor his Coalition ‘team’ were ready to govern. They squandered the last two years firing off negative round after round at Labor’s internal squabbles, at debt and deficit, at getting rid…

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