Banjo’s “Quatrain”

A lighthearted, modern interpretation of an old favourite.

The Australian Independent Media Network

A guest post from John Kelly.

I haven’t read Cory Bernardi’s book, The Conservative Revolution but from the fallout that has developed since its release and the things I have heard him say, I think I have a pretty good idea of its contents. In many ways, I suspect it reflects a response to a growing concern festering among the conservative ranks that today’s relaxed way of life, in terms of what we think and do, is sending our nation to the dogs; it is a threat to our morality and spiritual well being. It betrays the principles of that golden era that so many sons of former conservatives, now long gone, hold dear; that time of our development when we actually did have a class structure that roughly mirrored that of mother England. I’m referring to the post war period of Sir Robert Menzies who always regarded Australia…

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