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cropped-cropped-p1000440.jpgDemocracy is not failing us, it is we who fail democracy when we fail to actively engage with it. Democracy, as we practice it today, has lost its essential direction and has been usurped by divisive, vitriolic, jingoistic spin. Democracy today is no longer government of, by and for the people. It is government of the most influential, the loudest shock jock, the focus group, the public relations consultant and whoever is able to exercise their lust for power. This dysfunctional gathering ignores concern for national unity and prosperity. The voice of the special interest group has come to dominate the present model. Debate, divide and conquer is the aim and its tactic is to fragment the collective energy of the nation, split it down the middle, weaken its resolve and make it easier for vested interests to have their way. Unity is strength. Disunity is a recipe for failure.

The system we call democracy, the one devised by ourselves for ourselves, has been compromised by the wealthy for the benefit of the wealthy. The collective interest of the masses has been relegated to second place and has become a by-product.

How do we reinvent democracy? How do we wind it back to the way it was practiced  in ancient Greece, its original birth place? When we engage in collective discussion we are more intelligent than we think. When we argue for special interest over collective interest we weaken the whole. Discussion panels need to replace focus groups. Councils for public interest should replace career politicians.

5 thoughts on “The View From My Garden

  1. I am so glad I found the independent media network. Loved your article. I too think this bunch of incompetents will haveus at war with Indonesia. They don’t seem to get the Indonesians at all. The incompetence in regards to the economy is beyond belief, We seem to have elected the tea party. I wish they would all migrate to the USa rather than try to replicate it here, I simply don’t understand the wilfulness of their persecuting the most vulnerable and wanting to reward wealth. Don’t get it particularly when they are all supposedly Christians,
    So thanks

  2. I can’t help thinking that democracy is long past as a viable anything … capitalism and democracy are incompatible and if you look at the American politicial scenario you see capitalism [in the form of wealthy Republicans] blocking democracy [Obama’s government, duly elected] from working. Obama could never get much legislation through and once funding is blocked he’s pretty well stuffed. I don’t see democracy as viable …

  3. I was born and raised in an era, that all knew ones democracy was a fragile thing. We knew this, as the tragedy that was Germany was coming into public notice.

    Yes, we were all aware of how easy Hitler gained power. Most then learnt a lesson, that democracy depends on all of us.

    Since the days of Howard, we have seen all our freedoms and rights gradually cho9pped away in the cause of national security.
    We hear Bishop say, those who publish those secrets

    In the USA have put lives at risk. The funny thing is, no one has identified anyone that died, In fact the evidence shows, all that has been revealed, has it led to one person being caught, or prevented one act of terrorism.

    Most of Howard; laws, and some of the state premiers have never been used. Maybe, because they are not necessary.

    Yes, democracy is fragile, and is the duty of all to protect. Democracy does not belong to the politicians. It belongs to the people.

    Sadly, it seems, every generation has to learn this lesson for themselves.

  4. lyn, democracy is the only viable system we have. Has been around for thousands of years. It does need to meet all their obligations though. The system is OK. Our treatment and support of it, is not.

    One should not blame the tools that are available to us.

  5. John when the truth comes out it is always too late for humanity, I predict humanity will become extinct quicker than even the experts think, the whole world well she is stuffed, wars, ethnic cleansing, our own social engineering that rabbut has indulged in here, the seas are rising, we will all be floating on the high seas in future, land will be thing of the past, but Aussies well they think they know it all……

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